Remedial Building Project Management

Remedial Building Project Management

BCRC can provide remedial project management services across the following market sectors: Building & Strata, Commercial buildings, and Infrastructure.
Once the requirements for repair have been determined and the repair is designed owners or strata managers will need to arrange for the remediation of the building. BCRC are well versed in the management of remedial works and remedial consulting. We can offer full remedial project management services including;

  1. Preparation of tender documents
  2. Calling for tenders
  3. Evaluation of tender submissions
  4. Award of contract
  5. Contract management
  6. Defects liability management

BCRC’s expertise in this field stems from the company directors’ extensive research and experience in the remedial sector (see BCRC director’s CVs). Their careers have seen their involvement in remedial works ranging from single dwellings to 50 storey towers; from road projects to port infrastructure. Follow the above links for an explanation of each aspect of the remedial project management process.

If you have any questions regarding remedial project management or our services in this field, contact us today.

Preparation of tender documents

The tender documents are the legal means by which a client indicates their requirements to those parties who are bidding to carry out the work. In most cases, contractors will bid for a project based on the tender documents. Given the uniqueness of remedial projects and the specific limitations they present, such as live-in occupants and serviceable structures, the tender documents must not only encapsulate the work required but must also set out the correct method for carrying out that work.

To secure the best value remediation for our clients, BCRC can prepare detailed, high-quality request for tender (RFT) documents at the right stage of the project. These can include

  • A scope of works
  • A detailed repair specification
  • Technical drawings
  • Scope for potential variations
  • Details on the tender query and response process

Remedial Building Project Management

A carefully crafted scope of works and a detailed repair specification that includes technical drawings is the key to a successful remediation project. High-quality documents can not only reduce overall project costs and ensure on-time project completion (by accounting for all required activities so that they can be costed and planned for) but will also ensure an optimal and durable repair solution. To ensure a detailed repair specification is developed, BCRC conduct in-depth investigations into the cause of the deterioration before recommending a repair solution. Check out our Building and Construction Inspection and Concrete Testing services for details.

Contract variations in remedial work are not uncommon. Due to investigations (upon which the tender scope of work is based) typically being limited in nature (it is not feasible or cost effective to conduct full investigations), as work unfolds the actual scope of repairs can differ from the scope assumed at tender stage. By including a scope for potential variations, contractor’s bids on these items can be compared in conjunction with the known scope of work and the possible commercial impact of variations can be accounted for in the tender evaluation.

Remedial Building Project Management

Call for tenders

Tender documents can then be distributed to the industry at large through dedicated tender notification services, or provided directly to a select group of known, trusted remedial contractors.

Evaluation of offers

We can then evaluate tenders received to ensure our client not only obtains an optimal price but also receives an appropriate quality of workmanship – i.e. to ensure our client obtains the best value on offer and recommend which offer our client should accept . If none of the submitted tenders are acceptable, BCRC will recommend that none are accepted and the market should be further tested.

It is during the evaluation of offers that the necessity of preparing adequate tender documents becomes integral. By ensuring that all construction processes are itemised down to quantifiable elements that can be given a dedicated time frame and cost, each tender can be compared most effectively by quantitative means. It is also by this process that an overall project cost and duration can be considered.

Tenders will be assessed in terms of the following;

  • Detail of sequence itemisation and pricing (will also provide an indication of the potential quality of work)
  • Overall cost
  • Company’s reputation within the industry in conjunction with previous work completed either under BCRC’s management (if applicable) or in general.

By assessing the above items, BCRC will be able to ensure the best price and quality of work will be completed for a client in the most appropriate timeframe.

Remedial Building Project Management

Remedial Building Project Management

Award of contract

BCRC can then facilitate the award of contracts to successful tenderers and review contract terms to ensure they are acceptable and comprehensive prior to signing by our client. See the below section for further detail.

Contract management

Contract management begins with contract development. BCRC’s Marton Marosszeky defines and provides solutions to the problems presented during contract development and management in a recent co-authored paper. BCRC can leverage our wealth of industry experience to represent our client’s needs when negotiating contract terms with the selected contractor.

During the remedial works, we can act as project Superintendent and provide the following ongoing advice to our client

  • Monitor quality
  • Review variations
  • Monitor progress
  • Review contractor progress claims
  • Provide repair phase consultancy services (respond to contractor RFI’s, etc.)
  • Certify the works

Defects liability management

We provide representation during work contracts the form of a client project coordinator and quality inspection service. These ensure that the scoped remedial works are executed in accordance with the specification and quality standards. Our experience in managing contract risk ensures that our clients obtain reliable outcomes in terms of expenditure and the quality of the remedial works.