Adelaide Desalination Plant Tunnel

Adelaide Desalination Plant Tunnel. Durability review for contractor.

Perth Metro Rail Tunnel

Perth Metro Rail Tunnel. Durability consultant. Exposed to saline groundwater.

Underpasses. Durability consultant

Underpasses. Durability consultant on a wide range of underpasses for highways.

NSPT Sewage Tunnels

NSPT Sewage Tunnels. Consultant on the durability design.

Clem Jones Tunnel, Brisbane

Clem Jones Tunnel, Brisbane. Carbonation assessment of SFRC lining.

Offshore Platforms.

Offshore Platforms. F.Papworth has been involved in a number of inspection and repairs.

Sydney Harbour Tunnel

Sydney Harbour Tunnel. Durability management of tunnel.

Esperance Rail Tunnel

Esperance Rail Tunnel. Durability consultant. Eliminated shotcrete cover by durable design of CFA piles.

Durability Consultant

Durability consultant for tunnel using precast sections.

Esplanade Underground Station

Esplanade Underground Station. Durability consultant for all materials.

Welligton Street Underground Station

Welligton Street Underground Station, Perth. Durability consultant including D-wall.

Conveyor Tunnels

Conveyor Tunnels. Inspection and repair specification for a wide range of tunnels.

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