Boseto Copper Mine

Boseto Copper Mine - Insitu strength measurement and structural assessment.

Paddington Mine Crusher

Paddington Mine Crusher - Condition assessment and concrete repair advice.

Iluka Acid bunker

Iluka Acid bunker - Plant condition assessment.

Hamersley Iron

Hamersley Iron - Conveyor foundations concrete repair advice.

Lion Ore Plant

Lion Ore Plant - Condition assessment and concrete repair advice.

FMG Port Expansion Outload Circuit

FMG Port Expansion Outload Circuit - Assess durability of piles.

Ravensthorpe Mine Foundations

Ravensthorpe Mine Foundations - Thermal analysis to assess crack control.

Boddington Gold Mine

Boddington Gold Mine - Thermal assessment of thick foundations.

Edikan Gold Mine

Edikan Gold Mine - Condition, strength and structural assessment.

Tropicana Gold Plant

Tropicana Gold Plant- Concrete specification for concrete in hot climate in remote area.

Karra Iron Ore Plant

Karra Iron Ore Plant - UPE and GPR tests to assess concrete integrity.

Avalon Plant

Avalon Plant - Inspection and outline of concrete protection and repair requirements.

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