Pavements and Floors

Ikea Innaloo Suspended Slab

Ikea Innaloo Suspended Slab - Drummy testing to locate delaminations.

Perth Law Courts

Perth Law Courts - Assessment of screed using UPE through tiles.

Leonora Crane Shed

Leonora Crane Shed - Impact echo used to test slab thickness

Coventry Warehouse Ground Slab

Coventry Warehouse Ground Slab - Assess delamination and other defects.

Fremantle Port Wharf Deck

Fremantle Port Wharf Deck - Assess durability due to cracking and levelness issues.

Kimberly Street House Slab

Kimberly Street House Slab - Opinion of moisture in concrete as cause of lifting timber floor.

Toyota Warehouse Slab on Grade

Toyota Warehouse Slab on Grade - Measure thickness of slab and modulus of sub-base through core hole.

Adelaide Terrace Suspended Slab

Adelaide Terrace Suspended Slab - Use UPE and GPR for bubble location after flotation.

Galleria Shopping Centre

Galleria Shopping Centre - Inspection to assess repair requirements.

Karrinyup Shopping Centre Roof Slab

Karrinyup Shopping Centre Roof Slab - Assess strength and reinforcement.

One Steel Storage Yard

One Steel Storage Yard - Assess cause of cracking.

110 William St Roof Slab

110 William St Roof Slab - Radar used for rebar details and slab thickness.

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