BCRC consultants are able to bring years of experience to a large range of applications. Experience has shown that the lowest cost method of solving problems is to consult someone expert in the problem area. Whilst each of BCRC’s team give general advice on construction materials they can bring to bear the highest level of experience when required. Judicious use of specialists results in rapid development and implementation of economic solutions.

BCRC has an impressive array of international consultants, each a leader in their field. They are supported by local experts and materials engineers. An outline of the skills of each member of BCRC’s team is provided.

BCRC concrete durability expert Mr Frank Papworth. Mr Papworth gained his M.I.C.E. through concrete durability research. Over the last 40 years his durability consulting has continued in a broad range of area. He was inaugural Chair of the CIA Durability Committee and is Chair of the fib Commission 8 on Concrete Durability.

m : + 61 411 018 702

BCRC consultant - Professor Bob MunnProfessor Munn was Chief Engineer of Boral from 1982-2003. Bob is known world wide for his in depth knowledge of concrete production, concrete construction and concrete materials. He was appointed Adjunct Professor of NSW University in 2000.

m : + 61 419 443 200

BCRC consultants Marton MarosszekyBRC, a leader in the NSW construction research and development scene, saw its presence grow when managed through the 1980’s by Marton. Marton went on to become a Professor at NSW University and head of the Australian Centre for Construction Innovation.

m : + 61 412 446 916

BCRC senior durability engineer Mr Jonathon Dyson. Jonathon has 12 years professional experience across both contracting and consulting, project management, structural and durability engineering. Jonathon brings his highly professional attitude and attention to technical excellence to BCRC and manages the NSW team.

m : + 61 450 163 695

BCRC Qld, MD  - Mr Robert Bell. Robert has 27 years experience in the building and construction industry specialising in consulting on durability investigation, remedial projects and asset integrity management. This has included a number of significant projects where new and innovative technologies in ultra-sonic, acoustic emission and electro-chemical techniques have been used.

m : + 61 467 771 653

Shane C SQ v3Mr. Connolly is a chartered civil engineer with substantial experience as a durability consultant on major infrastructure projects. He is BCRC’s manager for Victoria. He is experienced in durability planning, early age cracking assessment, corrosion modelling, condition assessment and concrete repair.

m : + 61 434 050 194

Inam photo

Dr Khan has over 12 years of research and industry experience. His areas of expertise are steel corrosion in concrete, concrete durability in severe environments, service life modelling of concrete in severe environments, early-age mechanical and visco-elastic properties of concrete, time-dependent deformation in concrete, thermal and shrinkage induced crack modelling in concrete.

m : + 61 415 779 701

BCRC consultant Dr John Broomfield. Dr Broomfield wrote the book on corrosion of steel in concrete, literally. His book on this topic is a best seller in its field. John is the chairman on NACE’s Realkalisation and Chloride Extraction Committee and the Corrosion Prevention Association’s technical committee.

r newby3Ms Newby is a durability engineer at BCRC and has 7 years experience in a range of industries including construction, building, mining and wastewater. She is experienced in condition assessment, asset management, non-destructive assessments of concrete and concrete repair.

m : + 61 421 649 152

BCRC consultants Roberto Giorgini. Mr Giorgini has worked in the cathodic protection of reinforced concrete field for 17 years and has installed and monitored many impressed current and galvanic anode CP systems. He has also performed hundreds of inspections on concrete infrastructure in Italy and Netherlands. He developed the Zinc layer anode and GSC anode systems and is the proprietor of CorrPRE Engineering.

BCRC paints and coatings expert Mr Alan Todhunter. A materials scientist and durability technologist with 18 years’ experience. Alan applies his skills to coatings, concrete, metals, composites, polymers, adhesives and other advanced materials. He has also lectured in materials science at UNSW, UTS and UWS.

m : + 61 411 871 498

laurie cookson 2Laurie Cookson has been involved in wood preservation research with CSIRO for 31 years, and has produced some 140 published articles on wood preservative performance, fungal and marine borer control, termite biology, and timber treatability. He brings extensive timber durability expertise to the BCRC team.

BCRC Senior Consultant Mr Ion Dumitru. Mr Dumitru was Technical and Product Development Manager at Boral Construction Materials for 20 years and draws on his vast concrete and pavement construction materials expertise as a BCRC consultant. 

m : + 61 401 895 767

Tted stubbersfield 2ed has been part of the Australian timber industry for 40+ years. Since 2012, Ted has concentrated solely on being a timber consultant with leading expertise in weather exposed timber. He has authored several books on the subject and delivers CPD seminars on the topic.

BCRC consultants - Professor Philip Bamforth. Professor Bamforth’s research in concrete durability has led to several seminal papers in the areas of fresh concrete, service life prediction and thermal analysis He is visiting Professor at the University of Sheffield on asset management and service life prediction.

BCRC consultant - Dr Raymond Hemmings. Dr Hemmings is a Chartered Chemist specialising in construction materials. He is a widely published authority  in environmental materials technology, cement and concrete materials science, and grouting of mines. Dr. Hemmings is recognized for his innovative approaches to engineering chemistry and materials science and  holds six patents.

BCRC consultant - Dr John Williams. Dr Williams has over 15 years experience working with timber. His main areas of research and consultancy are specialising in wood preservation and the inspection and assessment of historical timber structures. He is manager for Timber Research And Development Association (TRADA) timber inspection & maintenance division.