Building & Strata Inspection & Repair

With the upswing in residential apartment construction in Australian cities has come an unfortunate increase in strata building construction defects as contractors cut corners and trial new systems and materials without proper evaluation or training. BCRC is well-equipped to provide technical expert advice to lawyers, strata managers and Owners Corporations as to the causes of defects, their extent and the required remediation. BCRC has extensive experience providing expert opinion on major projects with problems involving steel corrosion, reinforcement corrosion, tile detailing and delamination, cracking, magnesite flooring and water proofing failures. Our director Marton Marosszeky provides the lead in this area. Until 10 years ago he ran the Building Research Centre at UNSW where he investigated numerous construction material and system failures including those relating to reinforcement corrosion, structural performance, waterproofing and tiling. Since then, he has gained wide recognition as a senior expert in this field.

Defects inspection

Our knowledge of construction materials and systems failures is built on a lifetime of materials and product research and on field evaluation of performance and failures on several hundred projects, from smaller buildings to major building and infrastructure projects. BCRC starts with a careful inspection of the evidence, both on site and in the documents. We focus on identifying the root cause of failures so we can advise regarding responsibility of the parties, extent of the issues, and the most effective and robust remedial strategies. Backed by our extensive experience in forensic fieldwork, we are able to efficiently evaluate and fully understand problems and their causes.


Visual inspection and photographic surveys are the first crucial step in any building defects investigation. When necessary, BCRC is equipped and experienced in forensic investigation and field testing to obtain a full understanding of the root cause and extent of defects. BCRC makes extensive use of Non-Destructive Test (NDT) methods to evaluate soundness of materials, delamination and cracking, the presence of moisture, cover to reinforcement, the thickness of coatings and waterproof membranes and corrosion risk and corrosion rate to name a few. Robert Bell is our lead in this area and he has developed advanced testing methods for specific defect identification. However Frank Papworth, Johnathon Dyson and other BCRC consultants are also skilled in a number of NDT's. BCRC are alos supported by overseas specialists. When necessary samples are taken for laboratory investigation and testing. Ion Dumitru is our lead in laboratory testing having managed Australia's largest construction materials laboratory but he may well take advice form Frank Papworth on durability tests or Don Marney for fire tests. Our extensive experience of laboratory testing enables us to specify appropriate and efficient test regimes to assess the physics and chemistry of failures to help identify the root causes of the failures.

We encourage you to visit the other sections of our website where our extensive testing and NDT capabilities are amply demonstrated.


Our experience in evaluating and reporting on complex problems is well recognised, and we have extensive experience in writing comprehensive expert reports for litigation in all jurisdictions including the Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Supreme Court of NSW and the Federal Court. At the other end of the spectrum, our technical reports are highly regarded for our skilful analysis of complex problems. Our ability to find effective and efficient remedial solutions is valued.

Repair specification and estimates

BCRC is experienced at developing effective and robust repair specifications and defining the scope of work necessary to remediate problems. We normally consider several remedial options to determine the most suitable, effective and efficient strategy. We are also experienced at providing cost estimates for routine repair works. 

Expert witness

BCRC’s directors Marton Marosszeky, Frank Papworthand Bob Munn all have extensive experience serving as an expert witness in construction dispute mediations in their respective fields of deep expertise (see Our People or email us below to request a CV). For strata and general building defect disputes, our Marton Marosszeky is a very highly regarded expert.

Other technical expert services

We are experienced in solving complex problems and in representing parties in negotiations, mediations and expert conclaves to ensure that a fair and reasonable agreement is reached. We are also able to help owners develop a sensible maintenance strategy, recognising both technical risks and financial constraints. We also assist owners of strata titles develop and submit insurance warranty claims.

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Broadview Apartments, WA.
BCRC provided strata inspection and repair advice.

Copnor Avenue, The Entrance, NSW
BCRC provided a dilapidation survey and a water penetration investigation.

Bayside Apartments, Sydney, NSW.
BCRC completed a root cause analysis for premature corrosion of the structural steel building frame, assisted with technical aspects of a building insurance claim that resulted in a million dollar payout, developed a remedial scope of works and sought tenders, and oversaw completion of repairs.

The Marbury, Sydney, NSW.
BCRC provided a building rectification assessment, prepared a technical report and supported the insurer to reach a settlement with the owners.