Concrete Construction Advice

There are many aspects to constructing a structure using concrete where BCRC can provide assistance to designers and contractors.

Concrete Supply

BCRC are frequently requested to check concrete plants that may supply to a project to ensure they will be able to supply to meet specified requirements without quality issues and to assess that they can meet demand. The assessment will include

  • check of the materials available and there testing,
  • inspection of the batch plant and calibrations,
  • materials storage
  • inspect truck mixer certification and condition
  • assess supplier testing regime

Concrete Site Handling

Once on site the concrete has to be placed. BCRC's team have expertise in:

  • Pour Sequencing - Check for restraints that may cause early age cracking
  • Pour Placing Methodology - Checking supply and pour sequence will enable through compaction
  • Placing Rates - Check that the placing rate will avoid plastic settlement cracks
  • Piling - Resolve concrete placing and mix issues using bored, precast and CFA piles
  • Concrete Pumping - How to avoid segregation and line blockages. Mixes for very tall placements
  • Tremie concrete - Cohesive concrete with long setting times to avoid issues that arise in tremie placements

Concrete Forming

BCRC can advise on various issues that arise when using different forming methods:

  • Shotcrete
  • Precast
  • Cast In Place
  • Slipforms

Tall building construction.BCRC can provide advice on early age stressing and stripping, concrete pumping to high levels, and slipforming. All important aspects of rapid construction of the modern city.

Precast concrete segments of a tunnel lining.BCRC have been involved in the development of high performance for concrete segments to resist extreme sulphate and chloride exposures.

Tunnel entrance at Esperance.BCRC provided advice on mix designs for coastal exposures of these retaining walls.

Mt Henry Bridge.BCRC were the durability consultant for the Mt Henry Bridge duplication.

Piles used to form the walls of a tunnel in top down constructionBCRC were able to eliminate the customary shotcrete covering over the piles through their advice on durable mix for the CFA piles.